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    By B. N. on 02/Dic/2015 :

    Title : Super schnell und auch für Anfänger
    Comment : Alle 3 Samen sind aufgegangen. Extreme schnelles Wachstum, aber mehr breit als hoch. Wer nicht so viel Platz hat, kann auf jeden Fall auf den Candy Kush zurück greifen. Weitere Angaben werden folgen, wenn mein Grow zu Ende ist. Dauert nicht mehr lange....

    By V. P. on 16/Nov/2015 :

    Title : super strain
    Comment : i highly recommend this one...its a very easy grow no Problems,,but it Need around 8 week Little water..Little nutritions...Little can top it or cut it..this strain take it all..very strong it...and it kicks you in the head..bravo...!!!!!!

    By W. S. on 06/Nov/2015 :

    Title : Confident Optimism
    Comment : First, customer service at Royal Queen were very helpful in the run up to placing this order. Second, I am a fan of Royal Queen; everything that I have had off them has worked well. I have decided to take a chance with this fast version. I am at 52N, not ideal for most strains. However, the early September finish predicted for this fast version is what has decided me to give it a go. Where I am, mold becomes a problem in October when most photoperiod varieties finish. I am confidently optimistic that this strain will grow in my polytunnel. I'll let you know! The free post in Europe is a big plus as is the efficiency of the company. Royal Queen can be trusted to deliver.

    By T. D. on 15/Sept/2015 :

    Title : Express
    Comment : Tout express tout terrain et terrassante a la montée !!!!! Du top

    By A. V. on 30/Jul/2015 :

    Title : Very Fast Growing
    Comment : It's fantastic mix with indica and sativa, it's very very good

    By D. P. on 30/Jul/2015 :

    Title : goût extra
    Comment : Au top merci Royal Queen Seeds ; )

    By S. V. on 01/Junio/2015 :

    Title : Good product, fast delivery
    Comment : Plant grows pretty fast and good

    By E. D. on 23/Abr/2015 :

    Title : tres rapide
    Comment : facile et rapide a recommander

    By U. P. on 17/Abr/2015 :

    Title : TOP !
    Comment : Habe bei RQS schon öfters bestellt. Bestellung per Überweisung, am nächsten Tag direkt schon die Versandbestätitung ! Die samen sind ok , sofort aufgegangen :) was will man mehr ? Hoffe die Ernte wird groß. Fotos werden auf FB Folgen :)

    By Q. M. on 13/Abr/2015 :

    Title : good
    Comment : Shipping very good, bravo! This strain gertaminate fine we will see how will be growing but for now i can say seedling look good and healthy.

    By E. C. on 30/Marzo/2015 :

    Title : Que du bon
    Comment : Réception au top discret et tout en bonne état et j'ai eu mes pouce en a peine une 30ene d'heure pour le momment ils on 15 jours et parfait

    By B. G. on 06/Marzo/2015 :

    Title : Candy Kush is sweeter then ever
    Comment : so i did buy this candy kush. it's my first time ever to grow a kush . i was doing it in a 80x80x160 tent. used LED in vega 600w hps in bloom with a cool tupe. 65 L bocket. this plant rly like if you scrog and top it alot. but be sure you got a big enough tent cus the one i used was to small. after 2 weeks in bloom the plant filled out the tent and the light wasent gettting down under the top'buts. i made 236 gram after 2 months in papir / dry bags. it taste and smells alot like grape fruit. :) gonna throw some pictuers up also :)

    By M. L. on 03/Marzo/2015 :

    Title : à voir
    Comment : Pour le moment, super, 99% germé, 2 jours pour sortir de terre, rien à dire, reste à voire la suite...

    By I. R. on 02/Feb/2015 :

    Title : flo rapide
    Comment : excellent produit flo rapide 50 jour suffissent

    By M. L. on 07/Ene/2015 :

    Title : mika
    Comment : très bon produit le recommande

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