De D. Q. el 22/Sept/2023 :

    Comentarios : Germinated in spring water/hydrogen peroxide solution first for 18 hours until sinking to the bottom. I know they are in active mode being swollen, if not popped. Transferred to moist paper towel method, usually taking 24 hours to produce a 1/4" long tap root. They're currently in pre-fertilized potting mix, being approximately 4" tall, with their 2nd node already after only 2 weeks from planting in medium. Light green, wide indica leaf blades. Im stoked knowing im out of the critical germ/seedling stages, n now vegging. Super strong, robust plant so far 🤞... Thanks RQS, for your awesome breeding, strains, and as always, super nice, n helpful customer services..aaaaand, the free gifts with every order!!

    De M. R. el 13/Sept/2023 :

    Título : Great service
    Comentarios : I'm just a first time grower but I've only heard great things about RQS, Some of my friends that are more experienced growers than myself recommended I order from RQS so that's what I did.

    De S. S. el 09/Ago/2023 :

    Título : sancarm
    Comentarios : Sehr pflegeleicht und super im Geschmack und stärke 😍

    De S. H. el 07/Junio/2023 :

    Título : Pongiste
    Comentarios : Récolte de ma Critical 70gr super content et vraiment bien, le top.

    De P. H. el 01/Junio/2023 :

    Título : P.H.
    Comentarios : Leider hat diese art bei mir nicht so perfekt performt wie erwartet, aber ich denke der Fehler lag mehr bei mir als bei der Pflanze daher immer noch eine gut Empfehlung um anzufangen.

    De E. M. el 30/Mayo/2023 :

    Título : Pretty good
    Comentarios : Some plants grow differently from others even if the seeds are purchased together. Despite this, the yield is still good.....

    De A. M. el 11/Mayo/2023 :

    Título : Critical
    Comentarios : facile da coltivare e Ottima da fumare

    De T. W. el 02/Mayo/2023 :

    Título : Überzeugend
    Comentarios : vorab... ich baue in einen selbstgebauten growschrank mit dem versuch idalbedingungen zu schaffen. erde: CANNA Terra Professional Plus. Töpfe: Kunstoff, 12L. Licht: Phlizon PL1000 2x. Dünger: Easy Boost, Easy Grow, Eeasy Bloom von RQS. von 5 samen sind nur 3 gekommen die aber ein unglaubliches wachstum vorweisen. stabiler stamm, große kräftig grüne blatter. vertragen topping sehr gut und entwickeln dicke, starke neutriebe. planze geht gerade in die blüte und hat eine vielzahl an buds gebildet die schon am anfang großes potional aufweisen große blüten zu werden. insgesammt eine sehr dankbare, leicht zu haltende und sehr potente pflanze. sehr zu empfehlen für homegrower und newcomer

    De B. M. el 19/Abr/2023 :

    Título : Grew well
    Comentarios : I live in Cornwall, grew them last summer, and did well although a bit mouldy towards the end in the wet.

    De A. S. el 29/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Very nice high
    Comentarios : I was very suprised how strong this strain. Very good taste and strong high.

    De G. K. el 23/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Very good
    Comentarios : I purchased 2 identical seeds. I grew them indoors under LED lighting. The temperature was maintained at 21-23 degrees Celsius. For the first 7 weeks, the light cycle was 18/6, then I switched to 12/12. The total time until harvest was 14 weeks. The plant height ranged from 35-50 cm. Although I fertilized regularly with Easy Combo Booster, it doesn't look like the yield is very high, possibly due to the temperature being too low, but overall I am satisfied with the result. It will be enough for some time :) I didn't have to pay too much attention to the growth process. But what a smell!! I am eagerly waiting for the little one to dry so I can try it. I am satisfied with the entire process. I recommend it to everyone. Easy smoke.....!

    De F. B. el 21/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Mr
    Comentarios : Vert good

    De J. J. el 14/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : All good
    Comentarios : Fast delivery and nice packaging, seeds looks good

    De G. B. el 27/Feb/2023 :

    Título : Guyyyy
    Comentarios : Ma all time fav weed. C'est une merveille, pas trop sucrée mais juste assez, petit arrière gout d'agrumes sublime, relax, pas scotchant et pas non plus trop pump it up. Parfaite pour le soir de semaine et kiffer un peu mais pouvoir dormir. Culture facile, tetes massives et gluantes.

    De S. B. el 03/Feb/2023 :

    Título : fantastica pianta
    Comentarios : bella producente e buona da fumare

    De J. S. el 10/Ene/2023 :

    Título : grow well strong strain
    Comentarios : grow well, as a newbie i did many things wrong but the plant still managed to survive to my surprise and did the job!

    De J. L. el 22/Nov/2022 :

    Título : Jpl
    Comentarios : Perfect

    De J. N. el 31/Oct/2022 :

    Título : Absolutely the best so far
    Comentarios : So Happy with this Auto amazing yeild, easy growing and Super taste we love this definitely recommend and definitely buying again

    De L. V. el 18/Oct/2022 :

    Título : My first time
    Comentarios : It was my first time planting weed. For now it has delivered as promised. It’s growing automaticaly. Great

    De C. E. el 16/Oct/2022 :

    Título : Milk
    Comentarios : Best seeds ever!

    De R. M. el 03/Oct/2022 :

    Título : Maky
    Comentarios : Dobrý strain na venkovní pěst., byl jsem velice spokojený.

    De R. T. el 22/Sept/2022 :

    Título : Super
    Comentarios : Just as described - lovely :-) XX

    De S. S. el 04/Ago/2022 :

    Título : Step
    Comentarios : Alle Samen sind gekeimt und prächtig gewachsen.

    De M. R. el 02/Ago/2022 :

    Título : Shipping could be faster
    Comentarios : Shipping could be faster, but I did not pay for fast shipping(shipping from Spain in always slow) Seeds are super 100% fast germination.

    De G. M. el 15/Jul/2022 :

    Título : 3 su 5
    Comentarios : Quelli sopravvissuti stanno andando bene. Soddisfatto.

    De M. M. el 15/Jul/2022 :

    Título : Nice
    Comentarios : Good healthy plants. Growing nicely.

    De J. G. el 13/Jul/2022 :

    Título : Bigger than I expected..
    Comentarios : 15 seeds, all germinated. Indoor tidal trays 18 hrs/day 2x 125 watt leds. Very respectable crop at exactly 11 weeks. A distracting and euphoric smoke. Grew to 1 metre..

    De T. L. el 28/Junio/2022 :

    Título : Promising start, fast service!
    Comentarios : Order came fast, got all of my 3 Royal criticals and 1 extra Northern light auto already poppin their tales out! So far so good, packaking was nice.

    De A. P. el 06/Junio/2022 :

    Título : Growing well
    Comentarios : Glad to see this baby growing so fast ! Now i'm just waiting for it to be ready ! Thx

    De N. V. el 06/Junio/2022 :

    Título : Critical auto
    Comentarios : Belle cime affusolate e zuccherose. Cresciuta praticamente da sola, senza alcun accorgimento particolare. Consigliata

    De A. B. el 23/Mayo/2022 :

    Título : A35
    Comentarios : Livraison rapide

    De M. G. el 09/Mayo/2022 :

    Título : Really nice
    Comentarios : Very reasonable strain

    De M. E. el 29/Marzo/2022 :

    Título : Does the job
    Comentarios : I grew this for my partner, even though I am a beginner, I did well even though the plants remained low in the closet. My partner started giggling and had tears just from feeling good. However, this is not strong.

    De R. D. el 28/Marzo/2022 :

    Título : Fast
    Comentarios : Nice yield considering plant is smaller than other autos.

    De A. G. el 20/Marzo/2022 :

    Título : big bush
    Comentarios : nice plant, 130 g dry outdoor

    De R. G. el 02/Marzo/2022 :

    Título : Rudy
    Comentarios : Super pratique

    De S. G. el 25/Feb/2022 :

    Título : My little favorite so far
    Comentarios : I only tried 3 differents seeds for now but the royal critical is my favorite so far. Grew long sticks before covering them of alot of chonk denses buds. Taste okay, very relaxing effect, little munchie, some good laughts 5/5 hatched

    De C. D. el 15/Feb/2022 :

    Título : Leuk rokertje voor tussendoor
    Comentarios : Snelle kleine plant voor buiten. Als beginner haalde ik nog niet de hoeveelheden waar ik op had gehoopt maar het was dan ook geen fantastische zomer ;-) Toch met plezier gerookt.

    De O. B. el 14/Feb/2022 :

    Título : So far, my fav auto. This is a real good plant!
    Comentarios : 100% germination, as always from RQS, growing really fast and strong. Good yeild and a really pleasant smoke!

    De S. C. el 01/Feb/2022 :

    Título : Bien
    Comentarios : les graines ont toutes germés , mais pas toute ne sont arrivées à termes, il faut bien en prendre soin

    De C. P. el 09/Ene/2022 :

    Título : Great Service
    Comentarios : Got it fast, waiting now for great results. Imaculate

    De H. Z. el 14/Nov/2021 :

    Título : Daszigan
    Comentarios : Sie entwickeln sich prächtig. Von allen Sorten die ich bestellt habe wachsen sie am besten. Bin auf die Ernte gespannt 🌱👌🏻

    De L. C. el 02/Nov/2021 :

    Título : Top
    Comentarios : Rapida germinação com taxa de sucesso grande boa escolha

    De T. M. el 04/Oct/2021 :

    Título : cool
    Comentarios : its good

    De M. P. el 26/Sept/2021 :

    Título : Michael
    Comentarios : seeds super, shop very good

    De G. P. el 22/Sept/2021 :

    Título : Critical
    Comentarios : Nice

    De V. P. el 15/Ago/2021 :

    Título : Happy
    Comentarios : Plant is growing nicely

    De J. M. el 10/Ago/2021 :

    Título : M
    Comentarios : Easy and fast to grow

    De L. L. el 18/Jul/2021 :

    Título : Très bien
    Comentarios : Top 👍 facile à cultiver et bonne qualité 👌

    De F. C. el 12/Jul/2021 :

    Título : Royal critical
    Comentarios : Top !!! Facile da coltivare

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