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    De M. B. el 31/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Top
    Comentarios : Top

    De P. H. el 31/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Eksta
    Comentarios : Rośnie wyśmienicie. Widać że dobre geny ma do tego wszędzie paki nie umiem się już doczekać żeby spróbować

    De P. M. el 24/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : powerful shogun
    Comentarios : seed to germinate on 2/3 day, vegetation growing every day, I am now in 4 weeks of flowering, with lots of buds, all about control, PH 5.80 to 6.00, EC in 0700, PPM 1400, in short I am very satisfied with this strain, thank you.

    De R. R. el 12/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Super
    Comentarios : Superbe qualité

    De S. H. el 11/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Top
    Comentarios : tasty dope

    De A. T. el 05/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Top
    Comentarios : arrive très rapidement très content

    De A. P. el 05/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Excellent !
    Comentarios : Très bonne variété. Germe sans problème et à l'air robuste. Je recommande

    De V. Ö. el 03/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : gut geklappt
    Comentarios : Ich fand es sehr angenehm und lang anhaltend die wirkung

    De N. D. el 04/Ago/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Shogun
    Comentarios : Super shogun

    De A. S. el 29/Jul/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Unbelievebly Resistant and strong!!
    Comentarios : This was my first time doing Hydroponics, I didn't had enough to invest on a good LED so I'm using HPS for now, I live in a tropical country so it's like 35ºC in the summer. Out of the 4 seeds (Shogun, White widow, Gelato, amnesia) only the Shogun grew like a BEAST!!! nobody believes this plant is only 1 month old in veg, she is taller than my Gf holy moly I topped her 3 times in one month and she doesn't stop for nothing, all other 3 strains are much smaller

    De B. A. el 27/Jul/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Shogun is a winner
    Comentarios : The seed popped super fast and didn’t stop ! She has responded very well to being Fim’d and really excellent response to LST. Now in second week of flower and buds are popping all over the place. Let’s hope she keeps going this well for the next 8/9 weeks 👍

    De A. S. el 21/Jul/2020 :

    Tratamiento : ottimi semi
    Comentarios : semi forti e vigorosi. soddisfatto in pieno. grande serietà, grande qualità. ottimo servizio

    De Y. J. el 20/Jul/2020 :

    Tratamiento :
    Comentarios : N’a pas germer

    De L. F. el 14/Jul/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Very good product
    Comentarios : A prodcut very weelll

    De C. B. el 14/Jul/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Top
    Comentarios : Très bien, merci

    De C. P. el 14/Jul/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Lovely Strain
    Comentarios : All is allright. 4/4 germinated and the plants are strong and healthy !

    De E. S. el 10/Jul/2020 :

    Tratamiento : spot on
    Comentarios : quite honestly i have had the best luck with RQS.....they actually germinate and produce some good phenos....i had one pheno of GCP Green Crack punch that yielded 195g and that one plant with 5 weeks of veg counting seed germ time.....wish i took clones...things was rediculous. anyhow i would say i am happy and the del. time is outstanding. Most other seedbanks are useless and a waste of time . Support RQS they rock and the more we spend here the better

    De C. C. el 25/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Bien!
    Comentarios : Bonne plantation même si une graine sur 5 n'a pas poussé...

    De A. P. el 25/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : 🌻🌻🌻🌻
    Comentarios : Amazing product!

    De M. P. el 25/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : 3 recues 3 germées
    Comentarios : Taux de germination 100%

    De S. G. el 25/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Shogun
    Comentarios : I am very pleased the quality is very high !...

    De W. M. el 23/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Great
    Comentarios : This was the first time i ever bought seed and I'm really happy with the fast and great results as also with the whole bunch of Information the I got here. Thanks for the Amazing Service RQS :)

    De S. K. el 19/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Facile
    Comentarios : Pas encore arrivée à terme mais toutes les étapes semblent simple pour la culture et mes plants sont très costaud pour moi qui n'est pas la main verte :-)

    De J. H. el 18/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Super !!!!
    Comentarios : Sehr zuverlässig und sehr schnelle Lieferung

    De J. B. el 18/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Top shogun
    Comentarios : Excellent !! Grosse tête résineuse

    De P. A. el 15/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Super!!
    Comentarios : Its a heavy and lovely strain. I recommended.

    De A. L. el 09/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : I recommend
    Comentarios : Very fast shipping and delivery , I recommend to everyone this seeds.

    De M. T. el 09/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Shogun
    Comentarios : I'm afraid out of the 6 seeds I bought only 3 made it, I also bought a starter kit to help it . That's not very good

    De K. R. el 09/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Davvero il top
    Comentarios : Tutto ok

    De T. G. el 09/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Au Top
    Comentarios : Livraison rapide , bien empaqueté ! Rien à dire je recommande !

    De M. A. el 08/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Wooowwwwww
    Comentarios : Ottimo prodotto consiglio

    De J. B. el 08/Junio/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Best plant
    Comentarios : Its tasty and give a perfect highness👍🏻

    De M. A. el 25/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Shogun
    Comentarios : Excellent

    De T. D. el 25/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Super résultats
    Comentarios : Vraiment je conseil

    De T. V. el 25/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Super
    Comentarios : Ottimo prodotto!!!

    De M. R. el 21/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : ottimo
    Comentarios : tutto perfetto raccomando

    De M. G. el 18/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Funny
    Comentarios : So I bought few seeds, planted it in a kit that I bought from here too. I placed it in a shed and didnt cover it. Came the other day to see how its going and found that a freakin mouse came at night dig up all the seeds and ate them :D so I planted other two seeds that I had left and its going great, exactly after a week from puting a seed in to a soil they are about 10 cm height and leaves are about 2,5 cm wide. Im happy:D

    De V. S. el 18/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : shogun
    Comentarios : perfect 5 stars in everything

    De C. B. el 18/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Good
    Comentarios : .

    De S. S. el 15/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Très bon
    Comentarios : Magnifique

    De K. M. el 15/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : I recommend this
    Comentarios : Very fast shipping, and recomend to everyone this seeds.

    De G. R. el 14/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Top
    Comentarios : Envoie super rapide.. Germination 100%. Le top.

    De F. L. el 14/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : 🤤🤤
    Comentarios : 🤡🤡🤡

    De F. L. el 14/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : 🤤🤤
    Comentarios : 🤡🤡🤡

    De V. V. el 14/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Vittorio
    Comentarios : The seed are good I wait the pants grow I am not happy because in the scratch and grow I won five seed But Queen seed sand me only 3

    De E. D. el 14/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Tutto ok!
    Comentarios : Servizio numero uno! The best!

    De A. S. el 11/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Pelny profesjonalizm
    Comentarios : Zgodnie z opisem szybka wysylka bardzo dobra obsluga klijeta

    De T. V. el 11/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Far Out Mang
    Comentarios : grow this in my window side as it Summer. Looking very healthy and promising, about 1 month into veg

    De F. B. el 11/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Tutto perfetto
    Comentarios : Ottimo prodotto ottimo imballaggio ottimo consegna

    De Q. E. el 06/Mayo/2020 :

    Tratamiento : Graine au top
    Comentarios : Graine au top rien à dire de plus

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