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    De R. O. on 20/Mayo/2019 :

    Título : Wife has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Opinión : The perfect plant for my wife who suffers from CFS. Was taking CBD oil - this is a better alternative.

    De W. B. on 20/Mayo/2019 :

    Título : Stress Killer
    Opinión : Fast delivery and this Stress Killer seed sprouted well, and it has grown fantastically. On week 3 now and it is shaping up to be a great plant. Really looking forward to tasting it

    De M. B. on 13/Mayo/2019 :

    Título : Super service
    Opinión : Fast shipping and all seeds germinate, good quality seeds. I am still waiting on the plants grow big enough to harvest, but looking forward to try this one.

    De N. F. on 06/Mayo/2019 :

    Título : just a pleasure
    Opinión : very nice and comfortable highness. its good too chill and relax. 1 seed dodnt germinated!

    De J. M. on 29/Abr/2019 :

    Título : Quality seeds!!!
    Opinión : 3 years old seeds sprouted at 1 day in wet paper. Good growing and almost ready to harvest in approx 9 weeks from sprouting under CFLs.

    De T. G. on 23/Abr/2019 :

    Título : Au top
    Opinión : Produit de qualité et très rapide.

    De S. H. on 18/Abr/2019 :

    Título : best ever
    Opinión : its growing so fast

    De I. M. on 12/Abr/2019 :

    Título : Stress Killer
    Opinión : Très délicate, le faible pourcentage de THC me convient très bien, une défonce claire.

    De K. K. on 09/Abr/2019 :

    Título : Top
    Opinión : 1 Samen bestellt und schön gewachsen. Bin wie immer sehr zufrieden.

    De B. S. on 08/Abr/2019 :

    Título : 5050
    Opinión : Graines bien germées. Sans light.

    De G. B. on 08/Abr/2019 :

    Título : Good CBD Strain
    Opinión : It's my first time to plant autoflowering seeds, even though I made some mistakes I recommend this strain for medical use. Huge mistake, I did the LST so it's a mess.. I won't get a good I learned never do LST in autoflowering plants! Thanks RQS anyway.

    De F. G. on 03/Abr/2019 :

    Título : No stress
    Opinión : This was my first indoor grow and i couldn be happier. Just one mistake i did, because it is an autoflowering, i cut some leafs when she was already in flowering stage. But still got about 40 50 grams. One of the best highs ever just be careful so you dont overdose. Than the fun starts :)

    De G. S. on 27/Marzo/2019 :

    Título : A little disappointed....4 of 5 seeds opened.
    Opinión : I bought 5 of these seeds, but only 4 opened.... I’m no newbie in germinating seeds, I’ve done this since 1985-86, so I have over 30-years experience, I know that not every seed are guaranteed to open...but when you pay €9.50 for a single seeds, it really sucks when they don’t open. Maybe I will get an extra seed on my next purchase :-) BUT, the service is excellent and shipping are quick, I recommend RQS to everyone! So I’ll give you 4 of 5 stars on this order....

    De M. W. on 26/Marzo/2019 :

    Título : Au top!!
    Opinión : Germination 100% comme d'habitude, bon rendement

    De V. G. on 22/Marzo/2019 :

    Título : i love it
    Opinión : i have been searching for a long time :D

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