De R. S. el 09/Abr/2024 :

    Título : Herr Smith
    Comentarios : Der absolute Hammer dieses tropic mirage..hab ja schon viel geerntet aber dieses Pflänzchen dreht ja völlig durch..von oben bis unten christal klarer thc...der Harz läuft tropfenförmig der Blüte könnte denken sie schimmert aber nein es ist der pure Wahnsinn.geschmacklig u breitnis überwältigend...i love you tropic mirage...

    De T. K. el 21/Marzo/2024 :

    Título : 🤤
    Comentarios : OMG i Love the odor and taste of These buds 😍 Top 3 ever smoked

    De D. B. el 04/Marzo/2024 :

    Título : 100% Keimquote
    Comentarios : Alle Samen sind perfekt gekeimt und wachsen auch alle super ohne Probleme

    De O. R. el 02/Feb/2024 :

    Título : Fantastic genetics
    Comentarios : The seeds that germinated for me are absolute monsters, never had fan leaves as large and the end product was exceptionally on point. I did however have 3 seeds that just wouldn't sprout, other than that I would still recommend these beasts.

    De C. O. el 22/Ene/2024 :

    Título : Stron genetic
    Comentarios : Powerful genetics. Full of life in the seedling and vegetative phase. Strong blooming phase with incredible organoleptic (colours and fragrance intense and attractive). Recommended!

    De J. S. el 18/Dic/2023 :

    Título : Super fast germinating
    Comentarios : I soaked 2 of my 3 seeds for 24 hrs then into peat pellets. 12 hours later the first broke the surface, 6 hours after that the 2nd. Can't wait to see how quickly these girls grow. A1 seed and love the listed effects.

    De H. E. el 12/Dic/2023 :

    Título : No regrets
    Comentarios : I need more time to germinate seeds bcoz my all pots are busy with sweet skunk seedlings, but people has to see the Pack3.

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