🤯 Locura Autofloreciente: hasta un 50% menos en semillas y material  ⏤ AHORRA YA 🔥

 🤯 Locura Autofloreciente: Hasta un 50% menos
en semillas y material  ⏤ AHORRA YA 🔥

    De P. K. el 17/Abr/2023 :

    Título : ᶦᵃᵐSαηtα࿐
    Comentarios : Diese Sorte hat mit Abstand die größten Blütenstände produziert! War auch einfach nichts dran auszusetzen!

    De V. M. el 15/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Einfach nur gut
    Comentarios : Bisher von keiner Gelato Sorte enttäuscht gewesen

    De J. S. el 15/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Good flavor, powerful and does not scratch
    Comentarios : It has been one of the richest strains I've tried, it doesn't scratch the throat and has a euphoric effect, good for fluid and deep conversations, it improved my creativity, the only negative thing I could highlight is that I think my heart raced a lot and It made me feel a little weighed down by the acceleration

    De T. C. el 17/Feb/2023 :

    Título : Perfect all day smoke- Repeat grow
    Comentarios : friendly to grow, with the right treatment will be tasty even without a cure. responds well to a big pot

    De M. R. el 22/Dic/2022 :

    Título : Right01
    Comentarios : Top Qualität, keimrate von 100%. Einzigartiges Ergebnis 🤑🤑🤑

    De L. S. el 09/Junio/2022 :

    Título : Magnifica!!
    Comentarios : Big buds e tanto profumo zuccherino.. da ripetere assolutamente

    De M. W. el 23/Mayo/2022 :

    Título : Slayer
    Comentarios : Sehr lecker und unheimlich schön im Geruch und Wirkung

    De I. R. el 05/Abr/2022 :

    Título : Best
    Comentarios : Best quality on the market

    De R. P. el 05/Abr/2022 :

    Título : Excited
    Comentarios : Curious to see how it goes, beautiful green and purpleish accents

    De S. W. el 03/Abr/2022 :

    Título : magically beautiful
    Comentarios : My favorite seed after trying some seeds from this shop. Unfortunately I mixed up the plants Wedding Gelato and Sherbet Queen but it think it was Wedding with a light blue color after drying. After trying some seeds from this shop, Wedding was the plant with the longest flowering-time but biggest cola I´ve ever seen and not how described with lower harvest. When I cutted it after 3,5 - 4 month it still had no brown hairs. I dryed it quite fast (without large leaves, these were removed) to avoid any! bud rode and molde because of an allergy. Although this is not recommended the outcome is fine, tasty and has absolutely no brown spots on the stems of the flowers. It looks like "freeze dried". My experience, I leave the plants longer in flowering than the cannabis world recommends :), also when they produce brown hairs, then plants start to produce denser flowers. One can see the greener new output on the flowers. Have done this 3 times and I am conviced that plants need to mature to get better taste and turn toward "indica". I don't want to promote the seed to make it even more expensive. But this plant makes a peculiar beautiful magical mood. Is it the indica effect or the high amount of THC (don't worry nobody falls over)? You feel like you are in another world, like there's a memory that wants to come up soon. It´s quite magic. I become very balanced and calm and have no need for anything. Can work very concentrated for hours with a good outcome. The light is somehow different. The atmosphere is calm. It´s really nice. In my oppinion, this plant could be listed for a medical care use in terms of psychological and physical calming. Of course, this is not a recommendation for you guys, just a report about my experience ;).

    De M. B. el 31/Marzo/2022 :

    Título : B B
    Comentarios : top product ! ik rook er nu nog van !

    De J. V. el 16/Marzo/2022 :

    Título : favorite strain
    Comentarios : low yielder, BUT -beautiful candylike smell -wonderful purple colors -beautiful looking compact flower

    De S. V. el 16/Marzo/2022 :

    Título : Wedding gel
    Comentarios : Had 3 of those babies,..I ment to say beasts as they were massive. Big yield, great taste but heavy stoned!

    De D. V. el 23/Feb/2022 :

    Título : Come sempre
    Comentarios : Pacco arrivato come sempre nei tempi previsti. Semi già seminati Aspetto in fretta il risultato :)

    De M. C. el 09/Feb/2022 :

    Título : M c
    Comentarios : Bonne productive, strech moderé, un goût et un parfum surprenant. C’est fruité et sucré ! Un high très puissant qui nous laisse parfois des minutes entières à discuter seul avec soi même 😅. Attention tout de même aux insomnies si fumée juste avant d’aller dormir...

    De L. M. el 30/Ene/2022 :

    Título : Dreamy berries(Wedding Gelato)
    Comentarios : It was the perfect mix of strains in one and taste was very intense and it was nice candidate for rosin.Taste 10/10 Growing skills needed 7/10 rosin production 10/10 yield 8/10 and health and condition of cropp 8/10.Very aromatic smell kinda like strawberries.

    De A. T. el 06/Dic/2021 :

    Título : Mex
    Comentarios : Excellente qualité gros rendement en extérieur

    De P. J. el 26/Nov/2021 :

    Título : P.P
    Comentarios : Fast service. germinated 10 out of 10. Growing so far very nice

    De P. H. el 18/Nov/2021 :

    Título : WOW
    Comentarios : This was amazing to grow. The result was great, solid quality nugs, the purple colour was the best thing for me. Only thing I had a problem with was catching covid 19 straight after I flipped it so I know I'd of done even better with it

    De L. G. el 15/Nov/2021 :

    Título : Top
    Comentarios : il massimo davvero gusto meraviglioso

    De M. F. el 01/Nov/2021 :

    Título : diffucult to grow (not for begginers) but incredible at the end
    Comentarios : diffucult to grow (not for beginners) ut incredible at the end

    De F. H. el 27/Oct/2021 :

    Título : Supi
    Comentarios : Perfektes keimen cooler wuchs

    De G. C. el 22/Sept/2021 :

    Título : eccezionale
    Comentarios : tutti i semi sono germinati . Sapore ottimo cosi come l'effetto

    De D. S. el 20/Ago/2021 :

    Título : Germination OK
    Comentarios : La graine que j'ai commandé a germé sans soucis en 48h dans un papier humide entre 2 sous tasses et la plantule est sortie de terre 48h plus tard. Il faudra patienter pour le résultat :D Jamais eu de soucis avec les graines de RQS toujours très satisfait et les petits cadeaux qui font toujours plaisirs!

    De B. B. el 19/Ago/2021 :

    Título : B.B.
    Comentarios : Germinition o.k. Good strain Good grow without Problems Good results Nice Taste

    De M. A. el 09/Ago/2021 :

    Título : Mario
    Comentarios : Ist ein super Produkt leicht anzubauen da ich ein gelato Fan bin kann ich euch diese Sorte nur zu empfehlen wenn ihr den Geschmack erlebt habt wiest ihr warum gruß Mario

    De J. C. el 09/Ago/2021 :

    Título : Wed G
    Comentarios : Awsome for the tastebuds!!

    De E. L. el 02/Ago/2021 :

    Título : Love it !
    Comentarios : About 6 months ago we put 3 of this beautiful seeds in the ground, was perfect. Next 3 are on there way. ❤️

    De J. B. el 02/Ago/2021 :

    Título : Gelato
    Comentarios : Goût et effet relaxant good

    De D. D. el 02/Ago/2021 :

    Título : RQS A MELHOR !!!
    Comentarios : Top

    De J. F. el 27/Jul/2021 :

    Título : Tasty
    Comentarios : The taste is on point.

    De W. K. el 20/Jul/2021 :

    Título : Wedding Gelato.
    Comentarios : Shipped quickly, already planted and sprouted. Unfortunately out od 5 seeds one did not come up.

    De A. S. el 12/Jul/2021 :

    Título : Ottimo prodotto
    Comentarios : Arrivata in tempo record ed è già quasi pronta per essere raccolta :) per ora sono molto soddisfatta

    De G. R. el 14/Junio/2021 :

    Título : Gelato
    Comentarios : Got seeds to Ireland with no problem. 1 didn't germinate but can't blame royal Queen seeds for that. All good

    De L. C. el 14/Junio/2021 :

    Título : CL
    Comentarios : De qualité plus que parfaite!!

    De F. S. el 08/Junio/2021 :

    Título : 1a
    Comentarios : geiler geschmack und optik der wahnsinn .von anfang an gut gewachsen und schon sehr früh die lila farbe raus gehauen .kompackte knollen und schöner ertrag

    De A. M. el 07/Junio/2021 :

    Título : premier test
    Comentarios : pour ma premiere commande de wedding, rien a dire pour linstant a voir en fin de flo

    De T. G. el 31/Mayo/2021 :

    Título : Amazing strain
    Comentarios : Good taste

    De S. V. el 31/Mayo/2021 :

    Título : Top Strain
    Comentarios : Bellissima genetica, germinazione crescita e vigore molto buoni

    De F. T. el 24/Mayo/2021 :

    Título : Fantastica
    Comentarios : Bella e buona assolutamente da provare . Grazie RQS.

    De J. G. el 20/Mayo/2021 :

    Título : Weeding out the competition
    Comentarios : Good choice, great price from a budding company.

    De L. V. el 17/Mayo/2021 :

    Título : Perfetta
    Comentarios : 3 su 3 ottimo

    De A. I. el 14/Mayo/2021 :

    Título : Tutto perfetto
    Comentarios : Pacco arrivato in tempi ragionevoli e funziona tutto a dovere.

    De G. R. el 03/Mayo/2021 :

    Título : Davvero ottima
    Comentarios : laho appena comprata,ma un mio amico ha una pinta indoor ed è davvero buona da fumare

    De Y. E. el 22/Abr/2021 :

    Título : Italia
    Comentarios : Non male, molto bella

    De S. G. el 19/Abr/2021 :

    Título : Prima esperienza
    Comentarios : Arrivato tutto in tempo ottima la confezione

    De L. M. el 15/Abr/2021 :

    Título : Ottima varietà
    Comentarios : Ricevuto l’ordine da poco ed e già germogliata :) davvero una genetica 🧬 magnifica

    De F. B. el 12/Abr/2021 :

    Título : FV
    Comentarios : Top and easy to grow

    De J. F. el 07/Abr/2021 :

    Título : Wedding is top
    Comentarios : Color beautyfull tast OMG good grow and ist easy

    De M. P. el 07/Abr/2021 :

    Título : Perfect
    Comentarios : 2 days and grow!

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