De F. P. el 25/Sept/2023 :

    Título : Rapido ed efficiente
    Comentarios : Tutti semi germinati, rapido nella crescita e top nella fioritura. Prodotto eccellente

    De B. T. el 25/Sept/2023 :

    Título : Excellent
    Comentarios : Yield was great the smoke was great.

    De V. V. el 18/Sept/2023 :

    Título : Goede kwaliteit
    Comentarios : Groeit snel, elke ochtend verschiet je ervan hoe groot die is en goeie kwaliteit toppen. Top product!

    De M. G. el 18/Sept/2023 :

    Título : Mr.
    Comentarios : Germinates fine, grows fine, tastes even finer :D

    De T. B. el 15/Sept/2023 :

    Título : Smells heavenly
    Comentarios : Awesome strain...I saved half my seeds, so I'm gonna grow it again soon.

    De T. L. el 12/Sept/2023 :

    Título : X
    Comentarios : Sehr starke Sorte, kann trotz vieler Fehler mit exzellentem Straßengras mithalten. Leider sehr viele Phänos, ich hatte bei einer Keimrate 9/10 insgesamt 5 phänos die sich stark in wuchs, Budstruktur, Geruch, Geschmack und Ertrag unterschieden haben. Ein Phäno - ich nenne ihn den Sprite-Phäno - war so krass im Geschmack und Geruch das ist unfassbar. Nach der Trocknung war das Gras sofort einsatzbereit - Geruch und Geschmack einfach Wahnsinn! Cookies Gelato werde ich sicher nochmal anbauen, jedoch nächstes mal ohne die ruderalis Genetik.

    De R. B. el 31/Ago/2023 :

    Título : Świetna odmiana
    Comentarios : Ten automat to idealne połączenie wydajności, mocy i łatwości w uprawie. Rewelacyjna odmiana

    De K. G. el 16/Ago/2023 :

    Título : Awesome!
    Comentarios : I had been leary of autos. I gave these a try and wasn't disappointed. Planted in May outdoors in Virginia and they did great. Finished early July not bad yield and potent!

    De M. S. el 07/Ago/2023 :

    Título : Ottimo seme
    Comentarios : Nonostante alcuni errori nella gestione di temperatura e umidità della growbox il seme è cresciuto, la pianta è rimasta molto piccola e ha prodotto una sola, grande, cima. La qualità è fuori discussione, sapori e THC come da scheda, da riprovare sicuramente. Con le giuste condizioni questa pianta dovrebbe essere una presenza fissa nella grow.

    De T. W. el 04/Ago/2023 :

    Título : Found my seed bank ❤️
    Comentarios : 100 percent germination 🤙 even all the freebies. All look uniform and progressing evenly and nicely

    De A. S. el 31/Jul/2023 :

    Título : Easy grow
    Comentarios : Germinated quickly and above soul done to special intrest of my own..only run into cal-mag issues in 3rd wk of flower due to watering with rain water only..used gia green dry fertilizer with advanced nutrients Micro, Grow,Bloom 3prt never faided and had 3 phenos all looking different one is outside and looks like sativa but I live in a tropical "like"area on coastal MS gulf coast in mid-summer..other 3 grown indoor under UV and led lights in 3×4 grow tent..could have wanted more trichome develooment but pleased with the effectiveness of the psychedelic effect of mostly cloudy to cloudy to amber look..still have not cut her to see if all trichomes milk out but seems like the hybrid will only allow 3 bc the trichomes are turning too amber! B9th have medium sided b7ds that are dense and sticky sweet tasting..smells of sweet flowers fill the laundry room making it worth me doing outdated laundry! I have several pu tures and a grow diary on YT..critical was my free seed and its enjoying this out door humid end of summer season..she is turning into a monter!

    De G. B. el 25/Jul/2023 :

    Título : CookiesGelatoAuto
    Comentarios : Cheap and the performance are at top, raccomanded!

    De T. S. el 29/Junio/2023 :

    Título : Mooie planten met zichtbaar veel thc. Zoals steeds een zeer goede germination rate.
    Comentarios : Top, mijn planten waren vrij paars geworden

    De K. B. el 19/Junio/2023 :

    Título : Germinated
    Comentarios : Grew them for a couple weeks, growing good, until a rodent devoured them.

    De K. G. el 07/Junio/2023 :

    Título : Great product
    Comentarios : Grows fast and eksplodes at the end !..Big recomend !!

    De C. S. el 05/Junio/2023 :

    Título : Christine
    Comentarios : Schnelle Blüte, guter Geschmack, Aussehen top, geringer Ertrag.

    De D. R. el 02/Junio/2023 :

    Título : Monsieur R
    Comentarios : J'ai hâte de pouvoir commencer ma croissance avec ces beautés qui sont en cours de germination merci RQS

    De D. A. el 16/Mayo/2023 :

    Título : Great Strain
    Comentarios : I have been growing since 2009 and more recently decided to switch to autos as I only now cultivate for personal use, and all I gotta say is DAMN! I have grow quite a few different breeders autos but this one was by far the fastest one I've yet to cultivate and the buds are dense and smell of rancid berries and vanilla.

    De G. W. el 02/Mayo/2023 :

    Título : Geonetics
    Comentarios : 🇳🇱Best een goede strain.inderdaad veel trichomen rookt lekker en zeker een aanrader.wel is het in mijn mening nog een erg onstabiele strain.ik had 5 zaden waarvan er 2 hetzelfde waren de andere 3 geen idee wat het was maar was evengoed lekker maar was zeker geen gelato !🇺🇲 Quit good strain but in my opinion still unstable! I had 5 seeds ..from those 5 seeds where only 2 real gelato the other 3 no idea what it was and they still came out nice but it wasn't gelato thats for sure! Still a nice smoke and smell and would still recomment it✌️

    De C. C. el 02/Mayo/2023 :

    Título : kinda slower growing, but much faster than most
    Comentarios : Looks like really good quality, im in the 4th week and its growing everyday

    De R. L. el 24/Abr/2023 :

    Título : mr greenthumbs
    Comentarios : Stable plants, all seeds same pheno. High yield, about 80g dry per plant outdoor in dutch summers. Strong strain, nice nugs, no complaints!

    De M. W. el 17/Abr/2023 :

    Título : Michl
    Comentarios : Fine quality, all seeds sprouted. Service excellent like always

    De M. P. el 11/Abr/2023 :

    Título : WoW
    Comentarios : Prodotto di eccellenza. Tutti i semi germinati perfettamente. Piante vigorose e produzione ottima!

    De A. C. el 11/Abr/2023 :

    Título : Ottimo mix
    Comentarios : ottimo seme cresce senza problemi.

    De R. H. el 15/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Careful
    Comentarios : Amazing! I got some pretty low quality seeds at an extremely high price, one of them was so small and silly for a total of 10 quid lol Also had a sticker on the box it came in for the post man to read "cannabis seeds not for growing" so basically the local post man is probably telling people I grow, nice, be very careful guys. Had to give 5 stars as I've noticed the bad reviews don't get posted

    De K. H. el 14/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Cookies Gelato Auto
    Comentarios : Great yield and amazing smoke definitely recommend.

    De T. R. el 06/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : taste nice
    Comentarios : Super good Seed got a lot of THC and is pretty easy to grow ^^ huge amount of buds. amazing

    De S. L. el 02/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Fire!
    Comentarios : Germinated very quickly with a thick taproot and has a short but thick Mainstem. Only the first set of true leaves visible so far

    De O. J. el 01/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : My favourite strain
    Comentarios : Service 5 stars!

    De C. B. el 01/Marzo/2023 :

    Título : Great!
    Comentarios : Very nice, compact buds.

    De J. P. el 28/Feb/2023 :

    Título : God of plants
    Comentarios : Nice

    De M. K. el 23/Feb/2023 :

    Título : 5/5
    Comentarios : I ordered this sweetie for my first time grow, the delivery was really professional and full of freebies. Lets see if these cookies will be tasty

    De F. M. el 20/Feb/2023 :

    Título : Germination rapide
    Comentarios : 100% de germination en 3 jours, croissance rapide, plutôt bien parties.

    De M. K. el 30/Ene/2023 :

    Título : Ernesto
    Comentarios : Good and perfect !

    De M. I. el 24/Ene/2023 :

    Título : 2 su 3 ok
    Comentarios : Il resto si vedrà...

    De I. A. el 23/Ene/2023 :

    Título : goood
    Comentarios : very good

    De D. A. el 28/Dic/2022 :

    Título : Magica
    Comentarios : Come da titolo!

    De S. F. el 14/Dic/2022 :

    Título : Rva
    Comentarios : Gooood

    De C. P. el 17/Nov/2022 :

    Título : Mr
    Comentarios : Germinations 5/5 graines de qualité a recommander.

    De F. D. el 04/Nov/2022 :

    Título : Germinazione e crescita
    Comentarios : Ho comprato questo seme per provare come fosse nella versione autofiorente. La germinazione direttamente nel terreno è stata abbastanza lenta, ci ha messo quasi una settimana, questo perchè il guscio del seme risulta particolamente duro. Poi pero a cominciato a cresere bdne e molto rapidamente.

    De A. S. el 21/Oct/2022 :

    Título : TOP
    Comentarios : Good product!!! 10+++

    De M. M. el 18/Oct/2022 :

    Título : sticky
    Comentarios : I grew the ZZ this summer, and the strains were so sticky that even careless insects would stick on top, among the best in RQS

    De D. F. el 13/Oct/2022 :

    Título : super
    Comentarios : SUPER

    De B. M. el 06/Oct/2022 :

    Título : The best sellers for seeds
    Comentarios : High quality seeds that you can buy recommended

    De S. M. el 29/Sept/2022 :

    Título : Servizio eccellente
    Comentarios : Ho acquistato 10 semi di cookie gelato , qualcosa è andata storta alla germinazione , ho segnalato il problema , mi hanno riconsegnato nuovamente i semi e hanno funzionato perfettamente , grazie Royal Queen , è l'azienda perfetta

    De F. J. el 26/Sept/2022 :

    Título : Black Sun
    Comentarios : Expérience satisfaisante. Culture aisée et dégustation parfaite .

    De G. M. el 22/Sept/2022 :

    Título : Fantastic
    Comentarios : Awesome smell and taste, try it!

    De S. L. el 22/Sept/2022 :

    Título : ottima!
    Comentarios : Prima volta che acquisto questi semi e sono rimasto molto soddisfatto .prodotto consigliato .gj rqs

    De A. S. el 01/Sept/2022 :

    Título : King
    Comentarios : easy gekeimt und geht gut in der 9. Woche !

    De A. K. el 30/Ago/2022 :

    Título : Andrej
    Comentarios : I order the second time seed sprouts 50%. The quality of the final product is very good. From one bush indoor grow 30-35gr. Gift seed sprouts 100% quality

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